Advanced Solutions

LifeiQ for Reinsurers

Portfolio Risk & Management:  requirement exists now for reinsurers to actively manage their insurance risk books to lift gross written premium and partner more closely with insurers to implement strategies to attract new pools of clients (e.g. millennials), retain existing clients and manage claims more proactively.

We focus on solving three areas of portfolio risk

  • Prospective Risk: Attracting more “healthy lives” by (prospective risk); engaging pro-actively with contextually relevant methods with has a proven ROI
  • Concurrent Risk: Activating “at-risk” lives (concurrent risk)by igniting; new and improved customer behaviours that have prevent or delay claims onset and severity
  • Retrospective Risk: Managing “chronic lives” (retrospective risk): in some cases the causes can be reversed, but in all cases the severity, impact and duration can be significantly mitigated at low cost.